Quite the established city, Arvada, Colorado has been in existence since 1861 when the gold seekers chose to settle on the rich fertile farming land instead of panhandling in Clear Creek on the west side. Ralston Valley area was named after the first gold seeker, Lewis Ralston.

Such rich history began the expansion of territory now known as Arvada close to 33 square miles of land and water. This includes the well known Standley Lake where you can paddleboard in front of the majestic Rocky Mountains, or enjoy the leisure walk or morning run on the 4.9-mile dog-friendly trail.

Popular Old Town Arvada is the place to romantically walk through with its old town feel, shops, music, and locals. This area has quaint homes alongside the newly developed housing. Just a minute away from the interstates and highways and great public transportation.

Arvada Days, Sand in the City, Blues, and BBQ for better housing, Annual Chocolate fair, Fall Festival with treasure hunts and hard to beat Apex Rec centers are just a few of numerous events. This city has much to offer.

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