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Mad Skills

Polished by experience, Marie possesses deep negotiation skills. She knows the timing of when to be a lamb or a lion in a real estate interaction. Her preferred method is to pursue mutual benefit to both sides of the negotiation; while achieving the best possible outcome for her client.

Do the Right Thing

Negotiations are based upon a trust that the other party is credible. Marie has a reputation for always reaching for the long term and higher good, regardless of the short term cost.

Been There, Done That

Twenty four years of real estate practice gives Marie a perspective on what can happen in a transaction. She has finely honed strategies on what works and what hasn’t worked. This gives her the foundational knowledge to approach old situations in new ways, to generate solutions in seemingly unrelated circumstances.

Welcome to Enthusiasm

Always interested and willing to dive into the deep end, to tackle the hard thing. Eagerness and drive.

Live Like a Local

While national trends and media information is interesting, it is only moderately relevant to what is happening in your community, with your neighbors. Marie has a deep knowledge of local communities and markets.

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