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Getting Your Home Ready to Sell!

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If you decided to put your home on the market, but are not sure how to showcase all the wonderful features, check out the list below for some simple steps that will make your home look it’s best!

1) Take this opportunity to de-clutter and organize. Home-buyers love neat spaces and seeing that you have a lot of room. Consider storinganything non-essential so that your closets/cabinets/drawers look spacious. You’ll be thankful you’ve done this once your home sells as you will haveless to move and unpack!

2) Remove personal items and collections. Help the home-buyer visualize their things in your home. Also, this will ensure that your valuables and sentimental items don’t get broken.

3) Remove excess furniture, opening up each room. When selling your home, “less is truly more!” See your property like a model home!

4) Add some curb appeal with seasonal-appropriate potted plants/flowers, put new wood chips down, power wash decks or paths, if needed
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By Jennifer Sage, Callaway Group In-house Stager

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