I can already hear the summer themed songs, taste the lemonade and smell the hamburgers and steaks on the grill. Long awaited summer has finally arrived!

And with it, the need to maintain your home.

Here’s a list of a few items that you don’t want to miss:

The Grill

Time to clean up the grill. Wipe away any dust and ‘crud’ using hot water, dish soap and a scrub brush for the inside and outside of your grill. Make sure it is dry before using it again. If you have a gas grill, close the lid and heat up the grill. Then, let it cool and use a grill brush to clean it up. Make sure the drip tray is empty and cleaned. And it may be time to power wash the cement pad the grill sits on to prevent long term stains and possible grease fires if left.


Take a good look to see if any boards are rotted and replace them. Does your deck need to be stained and resealed? Now is the time to do it. Power wash for a fresh look. Or maybe it’s time to replace your ‘wood’ deck with vinyl planking for maintenance free long lasting enjoyment.

Dryer Vents & Exhaust duct

Hire a qualified vent cleaning company to make sure your vents and ducts are clean and avoid a house fire! It’s shocking how much the dust and lint build up.

Garbage disposal

Research natural ways to clean up the internal part of the garbage disposal that typically is neglected until there’s a smell. 

Smoke Detectors & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Do a test of all your detectors and replace batteries if they need it. Some suggest you change the batteries Either at the First and Six months of the year, or Daylight savings times. Put a reminder on your calendar annually for worry free reminders.


Trim up any overgrown shrubs, bushes and trees and perhaps plant new ones for a different look.

Outdoor Furniture

Time to bring out the patio furniture, wash it all up and possibly replace the cushions for a bright new color change.

Outdoor hardware

Time to get ahead of the game and replace any tarnished or outdated door hardware or light fixtures with current styles. It’s also a great time to replace the exterior electrical lights with sensored lights that come on at dusk and off at dawn to save on electricity.


Do a quick spritz of bug spray around your yard remembering the perimeter of the house. Check your local nursery or hardware store for a plethora of suggestions on natural means or companies to take care of insects and ants that resurface this time of year.

Home Improvements

This time of year is a great time to do all of the home improvement odds and ends that you’ve been putting off all year.

Completing these seasonal maintenance items will make your home a perfect place for entertaining, and if you spontaneously decide to put your home on market, you’ll already be ready to go!




Give me a call for a coffee and conversation on what would be the best update for your money in the long run.

I’ll be happy to swing by and take a walk through your home with you.




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