Vykky’s Favorite Fall Traditions

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Fall is definitely in the air!  The smell of freshly baked Pumpkin Bread, pulling out the tub of winter clothes for the kids to try on, the nippy cold wind blowing through and the Christmas decorations filling the stores. Then there is the turning on of the furnace for the first time of the season. Everyone knows that smell!

Pumpkin Bread

My family and friends know it’s fall when I bake my first batch of Pumpkin Bread. It is the best kept secret and most delicious ever!
Some favorite memories I have are when my kids were much younger. We would bring out the winter clothes tub, pull out the snow pants, gloves, hats scarves etc and try them on each kid. With 5 kids it took a bit but we loved it because it meant snow and fun was just around the corner. Eagerly waiting for enough snow to make snowmen.
The sound of the crunchy leaves while cleaning them out from the gutters, raking them all up from the yards making big piles just to mess them all up again.
One of the many reasons I love Colorado are the season changes. You can’t beat the color changes of our trees all around.
By: Vykky Maroney, Executive Assistant 
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